Truck Routes 2022/23

You can expect delivery during the week posted. These may be modified without notice due to weather or delivery conditions. Please check back to confirm dates.

Week of-                                                       GREG                                    

November 4,22      :  Pittville /Little Valley, Fall River/ Big Eddy

November 9,22      : Day Road, Fall River, Hwy 299 to McArthur

November 14,22    : Canby, Canby to Alturas, Cedarville

November 21,22    :  Cassel, Cassel Rd. to Old Station, Old Station

November 28,22    : Montgomery Creek /Round Mt., Burney

December 5,22      :  Fall River/Glenburn, Cayton Valley and Hwy 89


Week of-                                                       SAM                                               

November 1,22      : Lake Forest, Westwood, Chester, Lake Forest

November 4,22      : Eagle Lake-Stones, Eagle Lake- Spaulding

Novembre 7,22      : Susanville N&S, Janesville, Johnstonville 150 tanks

November 14,22    : Janesville, Standish/Litchfield, Johnstonville, Leavitt Lake

November 21,22    : Susanville N, Susanville S

November 28,22    : Adin, A-2/139, Adin to Bieber, Lookout/Ranchettes, Hackamore/Gougerneck

December 5,22      : Bieber, Nubieber/Foothill Rd, Punkin Center/Lower Valley



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