• Warner Mountains Group Home - Seth Auber

I am the Administrator of Warner Mountains Group Home our facility uses between 8,000 to 10,000 dollars in fuel monthly. I switched to Herbert oil in February of 2013 do to service and delivery issues with our former company. I have been extremely pleased with the service we are currently receiving with Harbert oil.

The Harbert oil team was extremely helpful during the transition we had three medium tanks and one small tank of regular unleaded, on road Deisel, and off road Deisel. They pumped all the fuel out of our old tanks replaced our tanks with four larger tanks and pumped it all back into our new tanks without incident. Oh and by the way that was all accomplished in the middle of a blizzard.

We have yet to run out of fuel and surprisingly they have also saved us about 1,500 to 2,000 a month while delivering more fuel then our previous suppliers since we have yet to run out.

In a situation when you have options of providers that can supply you with the same product the only advantage one company has over another is the customer service they can provide, and so far Harbert Oil receives an A+.

We have yet to have a problem that the Harbert oil team has not responded to immediately and worked on until it has been resolved. If you are having issues with your current fuel provider or just would like to see if you to could save a bit of money each month contact Harbert oil and see if you too could benefit from an effortless change.

Warner Mountain's Group Home
Seth Auber Administrator

• Tom and Marlene Gauthier

We have been with Harbert Oil for many years.
They are a great family to work with, always willing to meet our unique needs. Wyatt Harbert and the family are always thinking of their customers. With their all-too-rare-these-days high service, you can count on them to take great care of you.

Janesville, CA

• Francis Law, The Oil Changer

I recently switched my business to Harbert Oil Company. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the service I receive from Harbert Oil Company. They have a knowledgeable sales staff. The sales rep is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the needs of my company are met.
I would definitely recommend switching to them.

Susanville, CA

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